Ruveyda Soliyevna Chakhalidze

Ruveyda Soliyevna Chakhalidze was born in Russia in the 1990’s but she is Turkish. She speaks three languages—Turkish, Russian and English. She moved to the U. S. from Russia on December 14th in 2005. She is eighteen and she is a senior. Ruveyda loves to play tennis and she also loves to play piano.


Missing My Country
I miss my own country where I was born.
The place I was living for about 16 years.
I miss my house in that place and miss my neighbors.
I miss the streets where I walked and the mall where I shopped.
I miss the smell of grass, trees and the flowers in the spring time.
I miss the place where I would play games with my friends, in the nights we played

“Hide and Seek” under hundreds of stars, and lay on the grass to watch how hundreds of stars shined.
At night time the color of the sky was way different than here, because in the USA you can’t even see the stars, but in Russia there are so many stars up in the sky.
I miss the way we grew the vegetable in the summer time.
I miss the smell of those eggplants. I miss picking those vegetable with my own hands as fresh as they can be and making a dinner for my family with the fresh produce.
I also miss my teachers and classes in Russia. The way we went to school and the rules and everything about my country.