Timur Chakhalov

Timur Chakhalov was born in Russia but is Turkish. He lived in Russian before coming to Seattle three years ago. He is fifteen. Timur takes a lot of computer classes and he loves electronics. He is proud that he is Turkish.


I am From
I am
From Bayram
Where people go to each other’s houses and eat.
I am
From the words
Vesoliy, Smeshnoy and Druzhliviy
From the Happy, Funny and Friendly.
I am
From the Dream of going to University
From hope to be a computer professor and “Do good in school.”
I am
From Shahlik, Pelemeni, Plov, Borsh, Katlet and Hinkal
From my culture’s food that my mother makes.
I am
From the beautiful city Sauk Dere and the house with a garden of beautiful and
colorful roses.
I am Turkish