Dinara Chakhalova

Dinara Chakhalova was born in Russia but she is Turkish. She moved to California in 2005 where she lived for two and a half years. Then she moved to Seattle where she has been for seven months. Dinara loves to travel around the world. She is seventeen.


I learned how important poetry is for me right now, because, when I was writing a poem for the first time I didn’t know how to write. But now I like to write poems and sometimes I write them by myself.
I Am From
I am
From Ramadan and prayer five times
Every day.
I am from the words that God says
I am from the word
“Helpful” and “Strong”
I am from
The love of friends,
I am from the dream to make my future better,
From the words, “follow your religion,” “be respectful.”
I am from
Corn, potatoes, rice
Yabliko and Apelsini.
I am from the green gardens
Of my home country, Krasnadar,
I am from the place that is not quiet
With sounds, wind and trees
Moving back and forth and sounds of the water,
Rivers and lakes.
I am Turkish