Bello Abdou Dondja

Bello Abdou Dondja is fourteen. He lived in Togo and Benin West Africa. He speaks seven languages which are Cotocoly, Awosa, Afon, French, Ava, Awe and English. He is in ninth grade. Bello is a soccer type of person.


Bello Dondja, Togo
Everyone has his or her own language.
My Life
My life is like a bee’s living happily together in a colorful and beautifully made beehive until one day the beautiful colored beehive falls from the tall green tree that was holding it up in the air. In other words, I was living a happy life which means me having loving friends, me going to a good and nice looking school, me living my dream life in my country, Togo. Until one day, I came home from school and found my charming grandmother sitting on a dark brown chair in our dining room with her beautiful red scarf tied around her head and she was wearing our traditional cloth that shows that she was serious about something. I was all shaking an mumbling while talking to her because I thought that she received a bad report about my schooling. But, no, the first words that came out of her mouth were “We need to talk, sit down, I have good news for you, you are going to America with your father.” That’s when my beehive fell from the tree.
I did not want to leave my family or friends for anything, even if it meant a better life than the one I was living. I have never disappointed my grandmother and I didn’t want to start. Even with such short notice about my leaving my friends and their families threw me the best goodbye party ever with all the different home cooked goods such as foufou, wacha and all kinds of cultural foods. There were flowers and decorations with handmade designs.
The next day my loving grandmother and I left for Benin, a country near Togo where my father and stepmother lived. Even though I already spoke five languages, I learned a new one call Afon. After a year and the birth of my sister we moved to the USA.
Now in the U.S. at the second I close my eyes, for even one blink, I can see beautiful pictures of my past, pictures like the clear blue sky and the beautiful green rain forests with the clear sea water and the golden beach sands.

I Am
I am from the mother land
Yes, the land of Africa
Yes, the rich and beautiful Africa
I am from the hottest summer
and most beautiful rainforests
in the world.
I am from the Muslim world
And yes, the world full of prayer.
I am from the land where you can learn
so much, just from family
and yet it is still Africa.
I am from hope and more hope
which is not so for many people
by many, I mean my people,
the people of Africa,
The people with pure red blood
and the dark skin of black
Africa always
will be.