Gulaliyev Ruslan Alimovich

Gulaliyev Ruslan Alimovich is from Russia but is Turkish. Ruslan was born on August 1st, 1990. He arrived in Seattle, Washington on January 2nd of 2006. Ruslan likes to play soccer.


It was very challenging to write poems in English. When I listened to other students who were writing poetry about their life in their country it was difficult because they were mostly sad. All of us hope to find a better life. In my poems, which I wrote for the first time, I talk about people working hard to sustain their lives and about governments who taunt people.
My Life
My life is like a river some times it is long but some times it is short. I don’t know when it is going to stop. I was born in a big family but it is not my country, Russia. I am from Bakanka near the city Krasnodar. From the sound of the river, the trains all day and night and people on the farm working hard to stay, to sustain their lives.
I was born in a big and safe family but it is not my country, Russia. I heard that in the news that Tukachov, the official in charge of the city, wants our Turkish people to leave their country because we are not Russian. So we packed our things and went to the other side of the world.
Now I am in the city of immigration where it always rains, Seattle, Washington. I try to forget where I was born, but memories never fade.
This is my life. I am Turkish, but I will never forget Russia. It is so difficult to live in someone else’s country.