Erick Francisco Michael Garcia Rosales

Erick Francisco Michael Garcia Rosales is from a peaceful city in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. He lived in Saltillo before he came to Seattle, Washington. He arrived in Seattle on February 14, 2007 at the age of thirteen. He loves to play video games and read poetry. Erick hopes to become a great and famous poet, and be proud of his culture. 


Work in poetry is something peaceful for me, because it is where I can express myself, like writing about experiences that I have lived. I feel proud of myself for what I did, because our poet helped me be inspired. Poetry is very exciting for me because when I write poetry I feel like a bird free to do what I want, I feel like a cloud in peace.
Poetry is the flavor of the life, because in poetry you can find all kinds of feelings, like sadness and happiness, but really poetry is the best thing that I have ever done. Poetry is something that I will never forget because it’s where I learn to communicate with my people and with my feelings.
Self Portrait
Born to a family of numerous people
All with difficulty getting jobs or money
I see my mom and dad working hard
They want a better life for us.
They decide something
Immigrate to the other side.
Now in the city of opportunities
We have a better life
But I miss my country a lot.
The sound of the people in the nights
Saying “tamales”
And my whole family throwing
Parties on Sundays
I miss my country.
I will never forget my country, Mexico.
I will never forget my country, Mexico.

I Am From San Luis Potosi
I am
From San Luis Potosi
From mariachi, balada y pop
And kermeses in the school
I am
From the words
Gracias Jesucristo Bendito
From the feelings of happiness
And sadness in the nights.
I am
From the hope of loyalty and pride
From “if you want something you should fight for that”
From “be a strong man everyday.”
I am
From barbacoa and charro beans
Veggies soup, lentejas
Tunas, strawberry and guavas.
I am
From fantastic
Forest with strange flowers
From blue rivers and amazing waterfalls.
I am Latino.

My Life without My Dad
My life is like the ocean, always calm and peaceful, but sometimes angry and sad. I’m from Mexico, I was born in February 17, 1993.
My life since that time was wonderful, peaceful, I don’t have enough words to describe it. I was almost the most happiest guy in the entire world.
Until one day. That day was terrible to me, because my dad left us. But I didn’t do anything wrong, I always do my homework, so what’s wrong? I didn’t understand why he left us. So I asked my mom, always the same question, why, why, why, but she never told me. So I thought my dad left us because he didn’t love us. 
Since that day we were alone, without the protection of a strong man. We grew up without my dad, without playing soccer with him in the little streets of Mexico, without going to a beautiful park called Tangamanga and seeing all the guys with their parents together.
Why, I just ask myself, why? Then my mom changed radically. She had a double personality. She was my mom and dad at the same time. She was working all day, in the schools making lunch for the teachers and students, she was also cleaning offices very hard, to give us a better life. She protected against everything like a mother tiger that takes care of her cubs. She was like a Wonderwoman, like Hulk, like Superman, she was Supermom to me.
Finally, one day I understood why my dad left us, it was because he wants to give us better opportunities and I understand that he didn’t want a poor life for us. My dad was living in the streets of Seattle like a dog, like a piece of rock. But why, that’s my question. 
So we decided to go with him to be together and give to him a surprise. Now it has been three years that we are together like a family and I’m just thankful for my life, because things happen, because these things need to happen.