Mawada Hamam

Mawada Hamam was born in Iraq. She lived in Jordan and traveled to the U. S. in 2007. She loves to play tennis. Mawada hopes to be a business woman in the future. She is proud to write poetry about her country.


My work with our poet was beautiful for me, because, when I wrote my poem it made me remember my life in the past in my country. I learned to express my feelings and I learned to show and to tell. I liked the experience of learning how to be a poet.
My Life was Like the Sky with Stars
My life was like the sky with stars, but now it is just the empty sky. In my country Iraq, I had many relatives. We were all together in happiness and sadness. We were playing together and celebrating together in Eid Al-fitr.
One day in 2005, my dad came from Jordan. He was sent by his boss in his work place and he said, “Let’s go to Jordan and from there we can go to the United States of America.” We prepared our things and we took our papers from our schools that proved that we finished classes. After that, we traveled to Jordan and we stayed two and a half years. In Jordan we lived a good life, but we were worried because my dad didn’t have a job. We went to school and we had friends there. During these years we gave our papers to the Organization for Immigration. We were waiting for the answer to come to America. After two and a half years in 2007 we received a letter that said we could go to America.
I left my country because of the war in Iraq. The war started in 2003 and it keeps going. The situation is really bad in Iraq, where it continues to be more dangerous. Also I left my country because I wanted to be in peace. In Iraq, I didn’t know if I was going to die from a bomb, or if I would die because I was scared. I wasn’t afraid for myself, I was afraid for my family. My parents had to go to their work and my sisters had to go to their schools and I didn’t know what would happen to them on the way. That’s why we left our country, because we were always in danger.
I am missing many things in my country. I miss my house and by big garden. Every morning I went there to play with my sisters and smell the beautiful flowers. I also miss my relatives that we met every weekend for special events. I miss Alsaid Club where twice a week I went with my family to go swimming and eat lunch. On weekends, my family and some friends might go to a dance and eat a big dinner.
My life is like a road and at the end of the road there is a light. I came to America to find peace and to get an education. I study hard here, because I have a goal and when I reach my goal I will have the light. When I came to the United States of America I came here to Tukwila where I still live and study.

Where I’m From
I am from a garden
Full of flowers in my house.
I am from soft wolf dogs.
I am from a room full of baby
Dolls and their pink dresses.
I am from a pink pillow
Made with a picture of a puppy on it
And the blue quilt my mom made.
I am from the National Day of celebration with my family every year.
I am from the Thursday night tea party.
I am from a tree that has
a long line of people,
Who pray in the sunrise like
Rows and rows of flowers.
I am from the old album full of family celebrations
And children’s birthday parties.
I am from two seeds with
Love Moayad and Maysoon.
I am from delicious Dolma and Tershana in Iraq.
I am from a hot pizza with
Oregano and hot pepper and cheese from my mom.
I am from a home on the other side of the world.
I am from the people who are
Killed every day by bombs.
I am from the country that
History books wrote about.
I am the girl who saw
Every day, her country being
Destroyed by violence.
I am from the proud flag,
And the words “The Greatest God.