Nallely Hernandez Melchor

Nallely Hernandez Melchor was born in Chilapa de Alvarez, Guerrero, Mexico. She lived in Guerrero, Mexico before coming to Seattle in 2005. Nallely loves to read. She is sixteen.


What I learned about writing poetry is that I can write about anything I can see and feel. I learned how the poets use their imagination for inspiration and also to write about simple things. My favorite poem is “Where I Am From,” because I wrote about special places in my life.
Where I am From
I am from tamales and mole
From where the corn rises and shiny sun sets,
I am from climbing up the trees,
To get some “ciruela” fruit, sweet and sour.
I am from going to grandpa’s house.
I am from hugs full of love
I am from evening playing and talking
Wondering when it’s going to be the next visit to my
I am from the green, white and red. 
I am from a country with many cultures.
I am from Mexican pride.
I am from wearing uniforms everyday.
I am from standing in front of the flag,
And singing the national song every Monday morning
I am from half hours for eating and writing.
I am from the pain of leaving my brother
In my country and traveling to a strange place
Wondering when I am going to see him again.
I am from Rosa, who all the evenings
Had to arrive from work and cook
For her family.

My Life is Like
My life is like the weather of the year changing and changing each season. My life before I left my country was very different. I remember that we used to celebrate many traditions with all my family together. I remember that at Christmas we used to go to my grandpa’s house. All my uncles and cousins were there. They used to make a big party, with food, drinks and music. My cousins, my brother and me used to play while the big people were celebrating. New Year was even better because we used to stay awake all night. I remember that on Thursdays my mom, brother, and sister used to go to eat pozole. Now when I hear the kids playing and laughing outside my house, reminds me how I used to play with my friends all the evening till the dark fell down. I remember how I used to climb up trees to get some ciruelas or guavas fruit. I have many beautiful memories of that time. I remember that we used to go to a lake to swim, all my cousins and me. I remember the summers in my Mexico, drinking fresh pineapple, mango, and watermelon drinks.
My life is like a bird who travels to other places, it doesn’t know how it’s going to be, but it has a little hope that everything is going to be fine. When I came here, I knew that back in my country, was somebody very important that I left, besides my relatives and friends. One more time, this life makes me go far from what I love. That person is my brother, I miss him too much. I felt pain leaving him. I felt scared about traveling to a strange country. I did not know how it was going to be. I did not know when I was going back to Mexico. We used to go everywhere together. I remember that we used to play together. I remember how every morning we used to go walking to the school or sometimes running because we were late. We used to fight like every brother and sister.  I wonder, when I am going to see him again. Now he is growing up there, without knowing what is happening here with his family. Maybe one day we’re going to be together like a family that we used to be.