Khalida Lomanova

Khalida Lomanova was born in Russia but she is Turkish. She lived in Russia for eleven years and then she moved to America in December of 2005. After living in Atlanta, Georgia for two years, Khalida moved to Washington State. She loves to sing and she wants to become a singer. Khalida also loves to travel and wants to visit Turkey.


Now I like writing poems. My favorite poem is “Where I am From,” I like that poem because it feels good to write about your country and where you were born and the places you lived in. When I wrote poetry about my home country and where I lived I felt like I was there and that feeling was amazing to feel. Also, it was sad to remember the country of my birth.
Where I’m From
I am from the curved rows
That houses surround, the houses
With more family trees.
I am from fresh apples on trees,
Juicy and delicious.
I am from the sunshine,
From hot afternoons.
I am from two floors of people
In one house.
I am from two limbs on a tree
That I remember.
One limb is my family and the other is my grandmother
Mavi and uncle Elsad and his family.
I am from four bedrooms in a house,
I am from people working from
Mornings to evenings.
I am from the ground where children play,
With sand on their faces.
I am from the place where people climb
On Trees. 
The Trees full of apples, peaches and pears, colorful fruits like
A rainbow in the sky.
I am from the forest five houses from my house,
A forest with tall green trees and colorful flowers.
I am from Feruza and Eldar,
My mommy and my daddy,
And Sharic, Bobic and Charlie,
My lovely dogs with me, in all of my moments.
I am from the beautiful Black Sea
With oval rocks in it, where people
Swim on Sunday afternoons.
I am from the rivers where we play there in the water.
I am from eve felsene gec oldu senin evin yokkmu in my childhood.
I am from all those moments stuck on one
Part of my heart. I love those moments and
I will never let them go from my memory.
My life is like…
My life is like a river
Sometimes it goes smoothly
On its way, but sometimes
It has nowhere to go.
I miss my country Russia,
I miss the smell of it, the sound,
The feeling,
It smelled of fresh air and the smell of soil,
The soil of my childhood.
I miss my school,
Its walls painted blue like the blue of the sky,
I miss being there,
The feeling of my school, the sounds.
I miss my teachers and friends,
They are all there,
I miss them—Halida, Salima, Nazife, Aliye and Filura.
And my teachers,
Alisa Vladimirovna, and Tatyana
I miss my house, big and beautiful,
My garden full of colorful flowers,
Like a rainbow in the sky.
I miss the smell of fresh earth.
My chickens, I miss them,
I miss holding the beautiful
Yellow and puffy little chickens.
I miss my bicycle
That I was riding with my friends,
I miss the beach,
The beach that we went every summer,
The beach with oval rocks
And blue salty water.
My relatives are still there, my aunties, my uncles,
And my cousins, I miss them all.
I remember our fun times, I remember the times
We played hide and seek, soccer and badminton,
We played badminton from lightness to darkness
Playing with excitement.
I miss all of those days.
I feel that I left some part of my life
That I have to keep it with me
In my heart.
Though I am here and life continues.