Sevda Lomanova Eldarovna

Sevda Lomanova Eldarovna was born in Russia but she is Turkish. She was born in 1991 in Krasnodar. Sevda moved to the United States from Russia in 2005. First she arrived in Atlanta, Georgia, and then moved with her family to Seattle.    


In poetry you write what you really feel; if you write about your life, you want to write about exactly what is going on in it. 
I Am From
I am
from sounds of happy children
and the sadness of others,
from Bar of our country
celebrations on Bayram
I am
from being proud of yourself
from words “always thank Allah for what you have,
and what He gave you,” not asking why you don’t have more.
I am
from dreaming to stay a child forever
not being older and having more complications.
I am
from delicious food, made with love,
smells of spices everywhere.
I am
from sunlight filtered by trees
from places full of bees
from flowers, wonderful and tender
I am a Turkish/Russian girl
from belief in Allah.