Quynh Lan Thi Ngo

Quynh Lan Thi Ngo was born in Kontum, Vietnam. She grew up in Saigon City, Vietnam. When she was seventeen she moved to America. She likes swimming and she can swim fast. She loves music. Quynh hopes she will become a hotel manager. She wants to help poor people in her country.     


I thought I could never write poetry. I didn’t know how I would start to write. But now, I write my feelings, I write what I think; I imagine and compare my life with something in the world. When I wrote the poem, “My Life,” I felt like I was back in Vietnam, I put all my feelings in this poem.
I Am From
I am
From dragon dances
From tet, lucky money
And birds singing every morning.
I am
From ca dao, tuc ngu
From lullabies
From love and the friendships of people
I am
From love of God
From “don’t be late”
From “don’t give up”
I am
From pho, cha gio, banh trang
From fire rice, coconut candy and melon seed
I am
From yellow fields, blue sea
From many bicycles, motorcycles in the road
From beautiful Sai Gon at night
I am Vietnamese
Kon Tum

Born in a big family
grew up in a small country
that’s the place I can see
tears on my mom’s cheek
unfair and false.
this is my country, Viet Nam.
People can talk about what they think
but I know that
poor people don’t have their own houses
phat government occupies people’s land
that poor children are illiterate
America—a free country
freedom of speech and religion
I have a new life
I have found a new future
My Life
My life is like a picture. It’s beautiful and gentle with yellow fields, spacious seas, and green bamboos that belt around the villages. Palm-leaf conical hat and ao-dai Vietnam are in my picture.
My life is like a rose. It’s beautiful but it has a lot of thorns. Every day, my life went by gently, yet life in Vietnam was difficult. My parents wanted me to have a good education. We moved to America when I was seventeen years old.
My life is like a cup of coffee. It’s bitter when I fail in a path of life. But it smells sweet when I have family and friends around me. They’re a reliable support for me.
My life is like an egg. Outside is tough, but inside is so soft. Remembered is the day I left my country, my friends cried so much. I tried not to cry. I smiled and said good bye to them, but inside my heart was hurt. I miss them very much.
My life is like a diary. It’s full of memories. Everyday, me and my friends rode bicycles to school. We studied, had lunch, played together. We were like a family. I miss them so much. For me, each day is a memory.
Right now, my life is like a gift of God. Everyday I can go to school, I have a better life, I have enough food and warm clothes. I feel I’m lucky more than children in Vietnam. I say to myself that I’m willing to help poor people when I can. I love my life.