Vuong Thao Ngo

Vuong Thao Ngo was born in Ho Chi Minh City,she lived in Vietnam for fourteen years and then moved to the U. S. with her whole family. When she came to America it was a winter day with many cold winds blowing against her body. She will never forget that day, Monday, January 21, 2008. Vuong loves school and wants to help the children who can’t go to school for many reasons. She hopes to become a doctor. Vuong likes poetry and likes writing poems.


To write a poem as excellent as I want, I have to show my feelings and emotions in it. The most important thing is that I have to put my heart into my poems. To read our poems with strength and interest we also have to put our souls into it, as when we are writing our poems. When we read our poems to each other it fixed us together in sister and brotherhood. Sometimes when I write poems my feelings are smooth and sweet like candy, but sometimes my feelings are hurt and I feel wretched. I have to make the audience have the same feelings and feel an empathy with me.
I Am From
I am
From Ho Chi Minh City
From the country of
Celebration Tet holiday
And going to school in uniform.
I am
From the words yeu, thuong, han, thu
From a feeling of peace
And a feeling of war.
I am
From the life of family love
From “we love you”
And “never give up.”
I am
From the rice and noodle
Cow and buffalo
The regular foods in every Vietnamese meal.
I am
From green fields
And beautiful parks
With many trees
And wind blowing softly every afternoon
I’m from factories and music concerts.
I am Vietnamese
A hard language
A proud country.

My Life
I was born in 1993 in Viet Nam. I lived happily with seven members in my family. But one day, my life was changed and everything happened to me. Suddenly, I recognized what my life is like.
My life is like a boat. The little boat doesn’t know where to go. It drifts along the lifeline. It flows through China to America. But it never forgets its root, Viet Nam.
My life is like a house, it just falls down when people destroy, but it is always steady on its feet. My heart was hurt when I said good bye to my friends. Then I was totally destroyed when I stepped into the airplane. Leaving Viet Nam after 14 years were spent there. I’m going to be a new house in America.
My life is like a branch of river. I flow continuously over many happenings. I could not find freedom in my country. I’ve met many poor people needing help from the government. But it is still the dream that might not come true. I’ve seen the children go to work instead of going to school. I’ve watched the decreasing of education and economy in my land. Then I closed my eyes and kept flowing until I met the main river where I can mix myself with other branches of river.
My life is like a road. There are many ways to go. But I always choose the hard way to follow. I love to travel and when I chose travel, I lost my friends. When I close the hard direction, I lost my neighbors. When I looked back, I know I lost my childhoods’ memories. And when I slept, I recognized I lost my country. But I often wonder that one day, I will come back to look for everything I’ve missed.
Now my life is like a backpack. There are many sorts of things in it. But its exact duty is to get ready for tomorrow. I have tried to live, to speak, to act and to study in a different way. I used to talk too much in class, and now I am almost silent. I used to wake at 6:30, but now I can sleep until 7:30. But I know if I live anywhere, my responsibility is still getting ready for tomorrow.
My life is like a library. There are many kinds of books, but all of them just help us be more creative. I have many dreams: doctor, teacher, and engineer. But they all go to the same goal: serving the world. My dreams are very beautiful, and I’m proud of one truth.  I don’t need to wish because I’m living in the wonderful family in a free country.