Ben Pinzaei

Ben Pinzaei is from Moldova. Ben went to school in Moldova before coming to the United States. He loves to do sports. Ben is interested in other peoples’ work. He helps his family. Ben wants his life to be better.


When you write poetry, you have to picture everything in your mind. As a poet you have to make your reader see what you are talking about.
I Am From
I am
From the brakdans, the traditional dance of Romania.
Traiu meu popular, the music of my country.
A traditional music.
The music of celebration.
I am
From words “The people are winning their wars with non violence” and
“I’ll never give up my culture.”
“You need to stay focused and wise.”
I am
From goodness and bravery.
De acolo unde drapelu este vnturat de vnt.
There is nothing like friendship.
Acolo e partrea mea,
Loyalty to my country.
I am
From fields and good lands,
Their grapes are growing in the shape of my country.
The rivers are like diamonds in the sun.
I am
From a country that is not very rich.
The trees speak to each other in the wind,
The birds are the voice of my country.
Everything is perfect.
I am
Doina is the quiet one, the girl from our country’s legend of peace.
Viteaz haiduc, the will of a warrior.