Huong Xuan Thi Vo

Huong Xuan Thi Vo was born in Vietnam. She lived in the village of Hue city. She arrived in Seattle to meet her parents. She wants to have a good life with wishes that come true. She came to the USA when she was seventeen, hoping to achieve her goals. She loves to travel around the world. Huong hopes she to become someone famous or she wants to be a fashion designer.


I like to enjoy the poetry that our class has made. We can share our cultures and feelings with each other. I like to understand more about the life that our friends in the class have suffered before coming to the U.S. I also want to tell about my beautiful country. When I write poems, anything that begins appearing deep in my heart helps bring my childhood memories back to life.
My Life Is
My life is like a map. The map is colorful and has many directions. I was born in a beautiful country with a lot of rules in school and in my family. I have six siblings and I am the youngest. My parents left Viet Nam where we lived to the America in 2001. After six years I have been here. 
My life is like a bird. The bird has no way to choose, the bird doesn’t know where it can fly to have a better life. I was flying to a strange place where I could get my life much better. Before I came here, I had a party to say “good-bye_ and cried together with my friends and my family. I was seventeen years old when I put my foot in the U.S.
My life is like a dream. Sometimes it’s so sweet, other times it’s so scary. I left my country and I left a lot of memories behind. I had to leave my country because I wanted to know a new world. I wanted to know how it is different. How beautiful this country is. We never had an education in Viet Nam but here we have it. I left Viet Nam because I wanted to get a good life. I wanted my wished to be true.
Now my life is like a photo album. It’s filled up with memories; there are a lot of sad pictures and fun pictures. Sometimes, I feel very sad when the memories come back to my mind, yet those are my best memories forever.
Where I’m From
I am from the Hai Duong close to the seaside
where the people bring their family and food to the beach,
where I can see the beautiful moon and where the sun begins sleeping.
I am from new clothes for everyone on the first three days
of the new year.
I am from my “ong noi” and “ba noi
Who give change, money to me in the morning,
I’m from the dark, evenings with no light,
From a terrible and violent storm every year,
And from green fields along my way to school.
I am from my friend and me going to school together,
from the uniforms we had to wear in school,
and form the blue bicycles we rode to school,
including smooth white “ao dai” on the street.
And I am from the many lakes where we went fishing.