Hodan Warsame

Hodan Warsame is from Somalia and she was born there. She is eighteen. Before she came to the U. S. on June 18th, 2007, she lived in Nairobi Kenya. She enjoys reading books and poetry. Hodan is hoping to become a doctor. She is proud of who she is.


Writing and reading my own poetry reminded me what I have been through. I believe now I could write any kind of poem about my life, happy or sad.
Self Portrait
Born in a safe family
Beautiful area Somalia,
Beautiful and laughing flowers
When it rains it smells like the sand.
Sun bright, shimmering ocean
Admirable mosques,
Biggest rive in east Africa.
While I was born war began in Somalia, so I escaped.
I found my place somewhere else to live
Beside Somalia, Nairobi, Kenya.
Whenever I am with myself,
I feel safe and no matter which place I belong to,
No matter where I was born
anywhere I am, I am from the earth.
Now, in this city of Seattle
Sun bright, raining a lot,
gracious places,
I have attempted to forget my past
But I always remember. I feared the
Past until I realized that it could no longer hurt me.
But memories never fade,
Memories of my family living together,
memories of playing in the sandy beach with my friend.
Memories of my mother’s green scarf.
This is my life
a single tree in the dessert of Somalia.
My life is full of dreams
Dreams wishing to be true
Dreams going in many directions
Sometime they are fulfilled.
My dream is to be a doctor
And assist people anywhere they are.
I dreamed of being honest with everyone.
I dream of good wishes and friends. 
I want all my dreams to come true.
Dreams come with so many meanings
Happy and mournful and so many feelings
I want my dreams to be shared with everyone.
I believe in my dreams that I will succeed
I hope my dreams will come true.
My life is like
My life is like a boat
A boat full of memories
Traveling around the world
From Mogadishu to Nairobi to Washington.
A Long journey and I am never tired of it,
And I feared my destiny until I realized
I had the power to change my life.
My life is alike a boat floating
Into the ocean working without Hands and sometimes
It has no idea where it’s going.
My life is like a bird
a bird with wind rushing over my wings,
Flying up into the blue sky
flying too far to other places
with no schedule to follow
with no direction to read.
Sometimes I am like a bird
because I live in the earth
and live anywhere I want to.
My life is like a bird, sometimes
Running into a glass wall it does not see
And other times flying free.
My life is like a lonely star in the dark sky,
But also lonely in the days.
But now missing my own sand.