Nazira Aydinova Rakhmatovna

Nazria Aydinova Rakhmatovna was born in Russia, but she is Turkish. She lived in Krasnodar before coming to Seattle when she was eleven. In her future, Nazria hopes to be a doctor.

Self Portrait

Born in Russia
Not a dangerous area
But our feelings were that Russians
Were saying that they don’t like
Turkish people.
My family made a decision
To move away
So we bought a ticket
And traveled to another place.
Now I’m here,
My family is trying to forget about the past
But it’s not that easy to forget the memories
Memories of our neighbors
Of holidays,
Ramadan bayram, Kurban bayram
And all the Muslims who go to Jami
To pray on Fridays.
Memories of food—manti, hinkal
Chorba and orange
Memories of beautiful flower gardens
And the village with beautiful streets and trees
Memories of the words
Kuran, Namaz
Memories of happiness
I am Turkish Muslim
Forever and ever
This is my life
It happened to all of us
It happened to my family.