"Be bold, take steps to a more compassionate life today"

"Four Gold Buckles" by Mark Schwartz

There's no denying a compassionate life requires 'time' and 'time' may seem like a mere luxury when the clock is ticking.  Compassion beyond family and friends may seem both unrealistic and laughable when opportunities for connection are quashed by the tick of the clock.  

So what to do?  Leave the market to commodify care?  Save compassionate actions for retirement age, when we finally have the break we need to start caring about our communities through volunteer work.  A worthwhile endeavour and highly admirable but retirement may be a long way off for most of us and besides why should we be robbed of our common humanity and opportunity to develop authentic well-being for so much of our lives?  

We do of course have a choice, we are free determining individuals with a will to decide how to treat ourselves and our fellow man... we are free to follow the compassionate path and reap the benefits of feeling truly connected and inter-dependent. 

Compassionate actions don't have to be HUGE, Rome wasn't built in a day, it's wholly sensible to integrate compassionate actions with the practicalities of daily living as a starting place. Opportunities for connection may be as simple as eye contact and a genuine smile, a real acknowledgement of the person walking past you in the street, the cashier, the waiter serving us when dining out. Acknowledgement and true presence are key and a true sign that we aren't living life on automatic pilot, in a state of disconnect!  

Opportunities for connection and kindness are all around us if we are attuned to the present moment, freed if only temporary from economic systems and the distraction of technology.  But sadly it's an all too familiar story, with the ticking of the clock we can be easily swayed to take the car rather than walk to the shops, frequent the impersonal supermarket where we interact with machines rather then support and interact with local providers.  Swayed to find satisfaction at the shopping centre, rather than spend a little time contributing to our communities.  Swayed towards consumption and moved away from what makes us truly human.

Be bold... take small steps to a more compassionate life today.

Source: Little Miss Compassion

Little Miss Compassion A.K.A Miss Smith is a trained do gooder with a passion for well-being and unswerving preoccupation to promote self and collective compassion.