Embodying Nonviolent Communication

Allow yourself

five days in flow to experience, taste and feel NVC in every fiber of your body. Join us with lots or little NVC experience. Practice ways to frame embodied NVC into words, from a centered and empathic presence. Cherish yourself with the power of compassion, grounded in the community we create together. Enjoy the landscape, peace, learning and laughing together with David Weinstock and about 30 others. Get inspired by the 5 elements with powerful ground, water, fire, wind and space exercises. Bathe for 5 days in NVC, mixed with Somatic Consensus.

Religion: Submit a Case Study

Has your religious or spiritual community signed or endorsed the Charter for Compassion? Have you  set out to place the Golden Rule at the center of the internal life  of your community as well as how you engage with your community and the world beyond? The most valuable resource you can share might be a case study based on your experiences in building a compassionate community. What worked? What didn't work? You can send us your case study as an attachment in an email, or you can fill out the form below.