Green Ink

We're world leaders in communicating science for sustainable development in natural resources and related fields.

Our company provides a full range of production services, from concept to final product, on the web or in print. We also provide strategic support, enabling our clients to communicate more effectively and efficiently.

Quality Health Care International (QHCI)

Quality Health Care International (QHCI) will be the preferred manager/operator of healthcare facilities and systems in those international locations seeking true 21st century value in healthcare services for their citizenry. QHCI is strategically staffed with seasoned healthcare entrepreneurs and executives to transform government and private sector hospitals into high value care delivery systems and is concentrating its initial efforts in the Middle East and Africa.

Child Connection Trust

Touch is a Universal Language - Helping Children Prosper through Empathy and Love.


We're aiming at implementing Positive Touch into mainstream education. 

Closeness and belonging should not be a privilege but the universal right of every child. These two elements are vital for our health and well-being and can be manifested through loving touch.



RULER is an evidence-based approach to social and emotional learning and bullying prevention developed at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence. RULER helps educators and students develop emotional intelligence so they can make sound decisions, foster healthy relationships, and achieve desired academic outcomes.


I = U Namaste

What do we mean by I=U Namaste?

It is our way of expressing and reinforcing that I, You, All of us here on planet earth are One. And as One we are united through love for each other and all other life forms on this planet.

Lucy Gray Consulting

Lucy brings eighteen years of experience and a passion for excellence to any endeavor. Known for her work ethic and professional generosity, she views technology and new media as essentials in facilitating educational and societal change.

Botho Compassion Movement

Botho is a movement in Botswana to promote the fundamental human right to compassion.

Botho – ‘Motho ke motho ka batho’ meaning ‘I am because you are.’ It means “having a deep sense of another person’s humanity—how to demonstrate being a human being to another human being.” (Mehring 2013:1)

The movement aims to nurture compassion and change mindsets. Promoting compassion through specific activities based upon the four principles of CARE for a more compassionate Botswana!


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