5 (Of Many) Hats A Teacher Wears

What does it mean to teach? There isn’t an easy answer.

What does it mean to teach? There isn’t an easy answer.

Teachers wear many hats. And while some hats are expected of them, there are others that teachers do because they are compassionate and caring individuals.

While we know that there are so many more responsibilities teachers have, we’d like to pay tribute to these (silly and serious) everyday actions that make teachers the rock stars that they are.

1. Handwriting Decipherer

Even as we move more written content online, teachers still need to do some detective work when it comes to students’ papers. There’s always at least one student that turns in an assignment without writing their name on it. A teacher’s ability to analyze doodles, dotted hearts, and cursive letters to figure out whose paper it is would impress even Sherlock Holmes.

2. Stick Figure Artist

Don’t get us wrong, some teachers have great artistic abilities! But when it comes to using a quick visual, nothing beats the handy stick figure drawing. Even if you don’t manage to give it a face, hair or clothing, at the end of the day your message has still come across.

3. Your #1 Fan

As soon as a student steps into your classroom, they become a part of your family. Your students are your babies, and every one of their successes and failures affects you personally. Even though they might drive you crazy sometimes, you’re still rooting for them in everything they do.

4. Field Trip Wrangler

Who doesn’t love a day of learning outside the classroom? But while field trips might be a nice change of pace, they are also exhausting.

After a day of herding students from one place to another, teachers are just happy that they haven’t lost a student and nobody threw up. Every teacher deserves a post-field trip nap.

5. Real Life Influencer

Teachers are influencers in the true sense of the word. The advice you give, the lessons you teach, and the words of encouragement you share, all help mold and shape your students.

So, rock that sun hat and those sunglasses, you’re basically a celebrity.


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