6 Ways to Beat Procrastination

Overcoming procrastination is about getting yourself in the right mood and fighting these emotions that render you unproductive.

As the familiar adage goes, procrastination is the thief of time. The reasons we procrastinate differ from one person to another. It is nothing uncommon to struggle with procrastination but what matters is how we deal with it.

Sometimes procrastination can be a good thing, but it can also take a turn for the worse if you don’t manage it. Even the most productive people procrastinate, but they employ the best strategies to beat it and get things done. Nevertheless, procrastination can be a very harmful habit, especially when it prevents you from completing tasks on time and affecting your quality of life.

However, procrastination is more than just laziness or poor time management. It emanates from deep negative emotions that affect your overall mood that impacts how you go about your tasks. Thus, you may end up avoiding various tasks just because you’re not in the right mindset to do it.

Overcoming procrastination is about getting yourself in the right mood and fighting these emotions that render you unproductive. It begins by figuring out why you procrastinate and finding the best strategies to help with organization and time management that get you back on track. That said, here are a few ways to help you fight the vice and get yourself in the right state of mind to get things done.

Understand Yourself
The first step to fighting procrastination is understanding why you procrastinate. It is imperative to read the signs when you’re not in the mood to work or do anything. It could mean that you need a break or blow off some steam.

Your reasons for procrastinating can be something complex, or you may be dissatisfied with the task. You may also have too many tasks at hand when you’re supposed to work as a team. Instead of procrastinating, take time to figure out why you’re procrastinating and reflect before taking up the task. This way, you can know the best strategy to help you resume your normal state of productiveness.

Pick a Task
One of the critical aspects of beating procrastination is to focus. Take time to identify one task and focus on it till you get it done. Sometimes, we procrastinate because we give ourselves so much to do that we become overwhelmed.

Identify one thing that you have been procrastinating and get focus on it. By focusing on one task simultaneously, you can commit to complete it within a particular duration.

Get Rid of Obstacles
Before starting a task, consider the obstacles that are likely to hinder your completion efforts. This way, you can develop a plan to ensure that these obstacles don’t get in your way. For example, if you may have instructions for a task in your messaging app or inbox and if you’re not careful, you may keep going back to check them. Thus, you may get distracted by other messages and derail from the primary task.

Thus, it would help if you first took the instructions away from your inbox and start working on the task. Removing such obstacles should be in your management plan to help you focus and avoid procrastinating.

Jump Right in and Get Started
Sometimes it may be challenging to get started on a task, even when it’s something you enjoy doing. The first step is always tricky, but it’s the one that matters the most. Getting started on the task is a small step towards achieving your goal.

Narrow down your tasks, pick the easiest one, and get started right away. Once you get something started, there are high chances that you will finish it. When you start thinking about how difficult it is to begin the task, you may get discouraged from doing it. However, once you dive into the task and get buried in it, you can set the right mood and stay on the job until you’re finished.

Set Reminders
It will also help if you set reminders for various tasks. This way, you can stay alert and know what you should be doing at a particular time and avoid wasting time. In addition, you can customize your reminders to contain inspirational quotes that motivate you to start working on your tasks.

Five Minute Technique
The five-minute technique will significantly help fight procrastination. It involves identifying the tasks that you can perform or complete in five minutes or less. Once you’ve specified the job, set a timer of five minutes and start working on it. Once you’ve spent five minutes on the task, you’re likely to finish.


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