7 Knitting Resources Everyone Should Use

Let’s take a look at some of the best knitting resources anyone can take advantage of, no matter the skill level!

Knitting used to be reserved for the matriarchs of the home and has largely been associated with domestication. But through the rise of social media, crafty knitters have taken this particular skill to a whole new level as they share with the world their colorful creations. This evolution of knitting has brought in knitters of all ages and walks of life. With this demand of the craft of course comes the need to find helpful resources to refine the skill. Let’s take a look at some of the best knitting resources anyone can take advantage of, no matter the skill level! 

1. Family Traditions 

One of the best resources to expand your knitting skill is by talking to family members who have a passion for knitting as well. Some families have traditional knitting patterns that they pass on throughout the generations. If your family does not have a deeply rooted knitting tradition, then there’s no reason why you can’t start one for your family.

2. Knitting Clubs 

Knitting clubs are one of the best ways to get together with other Knitters. While knitting is certainly a meditative practice, it can absolutely be a social one as well. Check with your local community to see if there are any recreational knitting clubs available. If not, there are plenty of community knitting clubs through platforms like Facebook groups to join as well. 

3. Knitting Guide Books 

One of the best knitting resources to invest in a good knitting guide book. Complicated knitting patterns are easy to forget and if you are working on a project that extends weeks and even months, then it’s good to have tangible notes on hand so that you never lose a stitch. A great knitting guide book to get started with is the Knitty Gritty: Knitting for the Absolute Beginner by Aneeta Patel. The instructions are clear and easy to follow. Another popular book that breaks down the steps of knitting is Knitting in Plain English by Maggie Righetti. Images coupled with clear instructions make knitting a breeze. 

4. YouTube 

When it comes to any skill, the power of YouTube should not be underestimated. YouTube is one of the best places to go to if you want to learn how to knit. If you are an experienced knitter and are looking for challenging designs and new creations to work on, then YouTube can help you find inspiration for your next knitting adventure as well. While there’s no shortage of YouTube knitters to choose from, a great place to start is with VeryPink Knits. This Austin based YouTuber shares easy-to-follow patterns with clear visuals that serve knitters at any level. 

5. Knitting Websites and Blogs

Just like YouTube, there is no shortage of websites to help inspire and help you along the way in your knitting journey. But unlike YouTube where you have to fast forward through videos to find knitting patterns, you can bookmark and take screenshots of knitting websites and blogs and keep them on hand while you’re working on a project. Knitting websites are great because you can search for specific niches in the knitting world. Whether you are a hat and scarf lover or just whether you enjoy knitting stuffed animals, there’s absolutely a website or blog for every type of knitter. A great website for those just getting started out is Sheep and Stitch. For more seasoned knitters, Vogue Knitting is worth a look as well. If you love knitting but don’t always have the time to work on a project, Yards of Happiness is a great way to follow knitter Dana as she chronicles how knitting helps her gain clarity in life. Plus her patterns are easy to follow and very fun. 

6. Knitting Patterns 

Some knitters are boisterous and love delving into every aspect of a project while other knitters prefer to stick to patterns and move on to the next project. For those individuals who don’t like the extra pizazz that comes along with knitting, then knitting patterns are one way to cut out all the extra fluff. You can get your hands on a variety of free knitting patterns online. For more specific patterns or more specific creations, you may need to purchase pattern details online, however, patterns are incredibly inexpensive and usually cost about a buck or two. 

7. E-Learning Platforms 

If you would enjoy the hands-on learning aspect of knitting, then an e-learning platform may be a great way for you to expand your craft. E-learning platforms like Udemy allow you to explore a range of knitting courses that are designed specifically to meet your needs. If you crave the one-on-one interaction then working with an online knitting partner that works with you in real-time can also be super helpful too.

Final Thoughts

Knitting is one of the most relaxing, adventurous, and creative ways to have fun. Having helpful resources on hand can make that experience so much better. Let us know in the comments section below what some of your favorite knitting resources are!


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