Bhuwan Thapaliya

“Peace, come here and live with us forever” Whenever we close our eyesto decamp from an eternal strife,we see the reflection of peacein the shadow of the fireburning inside our core. We cannot sleep at nightand day we just chase it away.Can it be true that:They also think of peace, as we do.They also long … Continued

“Peace, come here and live with us forever”

Whenever we close our eyes
to decamp from an eternal strife,
we see the reflection of peace
in the shadow of the fire
burning inside our core.

We cannot sleep at night
and day we just chase it away.
Can it be true that:
They also think of peace, as we do.
They also long for peace, as we do.

On every bend, we stop, and open
our ears, hoping to hear the
whisper of peace. Alas! But
lately, things aren’t what
they used to be. Now peace it
seems is just a forlorn reverie.

Peace, when you were here,
a thorn was a rose.
But when you are away,
a rose is a thorn.
When will you come back?

Life, it doesn’t frighten us.
For us it is the series
of volcanic eruptions.
We were children once
but now we are only orphans.

Anybody can live
but it takes a lot of courage
to stay alive all the time
dancing on the floor of death.
When will you learn to dance?

“Life, how far is the death?
How far is it?” we all ask
Death is near “when you 
are far away from yourself,”
life answered back.

We are far away
far away from us.
We are moving backward.
We walked yesterday,
today we fell down
and tomorrow we would crawl.

Peace, come here
and live with us forever.
We will spend our life
painting the stars of compassion.
We both discern the obstacles
but it’s worth doing
than digging the abyss of affliction.

We might have lost everything
but Oh, God! not our heart.
Upon this murky land,
sunshine will come, and soon we
shall be blessed with the warmth of love.

Questions for Reflection: “Peace, come here and live with us forever”

  1. Explain why peace seems to be a universal dream, but it is so far from our reality?
  2. Why should peace be but a whisper, and not a loud shout? Why do we think of peace as being silent, soft and gentle? How would you explain the work of peace?
  3. Why does the poet claim that staying alive mean that individuals must dance “on the floor of death?”
  4. How do we avoid “moving backward, falling down or crawling” when it comes to working towards peace?
  5. How do we keep our heart open to peace?
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