Social Awareness Advice for Middle School Students

Supporting social awareness in middle school children is critical. Fostering social awareness skills early in life encourages kids to interact with the people around them in a productive, healthy manner.

Parent Guide to Middle School English

In the hands of a competent teacher, middle school English is about more than reading compelling stories. It’s about discovering new worlds and honing new skills.  Elementary school prioritizes reading comprehension over analysis, and with good reason. There’s no point in moving on to the next literary adventure if you don’t understand what you’re reading.  … Continued

Building Good Study Habits for Teenagers

It may sound like a lot of effort, but building good study habits in teenagers from an early age can strengthen their academic abilities and make a significant difference in their grades.

Developing Good Study Habits for Middle Schoolers

Let’s take a closer look at a few ways to help your middle schooler develop better study habits that will help stay organized, productive, and ultimately excel in middle school and beyond.

Economic Inequities Caused by Climate Change

Climate change not only affects the environment but also affects economic inequalities. As global warming continues to impact the world, the financial gap between rich and poor countries widens.

Creating Good Research Questions

Creating a good research question can seem daunting. This is especially true if you’re new to independent or unguided study.

Guide to Mormons

Mormonism is a young religion that began in the United States. This group started practicing their beliefs in a small cabin in New York in 1820 and later moved across the country to establish its home in Salt Lake City.

What’s Inside an Earthworm?

Earthworms are fascinating creatures that can regenerate parts of their bodies and are efficient muscular machines.

What is Civic Friendship?

Civic friendship, or political friendship, is a connection between two or more parties promising reciprocal goodwill between citizens.