Associate Degree In Education: Degree Completion Programs

Some students have begun their bachelor’s degree and were unable to graduate because of other life commitments. You can get a complete list of associate degree in education programs If you find yourself in this situation, an online degree completion program may be able to provide you with the flexibility and convenience to finish your education. Below is a list of several different programs that are available for you to choose from.

List of Associate Degree Programs

Accounting: If you choose to study accounting, you may earn a career as a bookkeeper, accountant, auditor, accounting specialist, and more. The professors in this program may teach you how to manage finances, the advanced knowledge of mathematics, and how to help companies stay on budget.

This is an excellent degree completion program, if you possess great mathematical skills and are interested in continually handling money and funds. The average annual salary you can expect to make with this degree is around $60,000.

Business Administration: A person who has studied business administration may be able to earn a job as a financial analyst, financial controller, operations manager, human resources manager, and more. If you decide this is the major for you, you can plan to learn exceptional leadership skills, how to deal with any challenges that may occasionally come up, the skills and knowledge of working in a corporate setting, and how to plan and develop strategies for different companies and organizations.

A degree in business administration is a great choice for a person seeking to own their own business, manage someone else’s business, or climb the corporate ladder. The typical annual salary for this degree is around $65,000.

Computer Science: If you are an individual that is interested in pursuing a career as a programmer analyst, software development engineer, web developer, and more, a degree completion program in computer science is a wonderful option to consider. You may learn all the necessary fundamentals of technology, how to code, and computer applications.

This degree is beneficial for those fascinated by technology, computers, and the ability to help businesses with any technological-related issues that arise. You can expect to make an average annual salary of around $84,657 with this degree.

Criminal Justice: A graduate of a criminal justice program may earn a job as a security manager, fraud investigator, detective, police officer, criminal investigator, and more. During the program, you may learn how to provide justice, the necessary legal aspects to society, and how to help with any issues in a community.

If you would like to begin a career by providing justice for crimes, helping people, and bringing security to the public, this is a perfect degree completion program to pursue. The average annual income you may earn with this degree is $55,247.

Education: This degree may lead you to various types of careers, such as a college professor, academic advisor, a schoolteacher, administrative assistant, and more. Your courses may elaborate on developing leadership and communication skills as well as the fundamentals of teaching children and youth in a school setting.

Most degrees in education provide specializations and concentrations for students to choose, which will be their focus during and after the program. For example, if a person chooses child development or elementary education as their specialization, this will be their focus and may lead to a career as an elementary school teacher. A degree in education is an excellent choice for individuals desiring to become teachers or educators. The average income of these degree holders is around $56,000 each year.

Finance: Students earning a degree in finance may prepare for careers as finance directors, business analysts, finance managers, finance assistants, and more. Professors may teach you the necessities of managing an organization’s finances, how to conduct financial planning, and the fundamentals to managing a team of finance professionals.

If you have great leadership skills, are interested in gaining knowledge about businesses and their finances, and have excellent math skills, this may be the perfect online degree completion program for you. A degree in finance may bring you an average income of around $61,000 yearly.

Healthcare Administration: An individual studying healthcare administration may pursue a career as a public health specialist, senior healthcare assistant, healthcare administrator, medical and health services manager, pharmacy technician, and more. You may be taught the procedures of overseeing clinics and healthcare professionals, how to operate a healthcare facility, and the necessary medical methods and strategies.

If you are compassionate towards people, are able to easily adapt to situations and circumstances, possess quick thinking skills, and hope to one day manage a doctor’s office or hospital, this degree is a good fit for you. The average amount of money a graduate of the healthcare administration program makes is around $65,000.

Information Technology: This is a degree that may lead to a variety of careers, such as a software developer, systems administrator, network administrator, information technology specialist, information technology manager, and more. By studying information technology, you may become aware of the newest technology being used, how to gather and analyze data, how to manage information systems, and the best ways to conduct research.

A degree in information technology may serve you well, if you are passionate about working with computers and technology as well as assessing data. The field of technology is constantly changing, so you must also be an adaptable person and always willing to learn. After graduation, the average annual salary that a person with this degree typically makes is around $68,000.

Liberal Arts: Graduates of the liberal arts program may start their careers as project managers, administrative assistants, marketing directors, executive assistants, office managers, and more. This degree introduces students to a variety of different courses. For example, a student may choose courses in history, philosophy, and economics. With this degree, the choice of classes is mostly up to you.

You may learn valuable skills needed in the workforce with a liberal arts program, such as critical thinking, research, and excellent communication. This is a great online degree completion program for individuals that are unsure of what they may like to do as a career path. Annually, you can expect to earn an average income of around $62,000.

Management: This degree gets students ready for careers as an operations manager, human resources generalist, office manager, director of sales, corporate paralegal, director of operations, and more. Professors teaching the courses in this program may provide you with the necessary tools and skills to oversee and manage the operations of a company, whether it be a non-profit organization, a law firm, healthcare facility, or a government office, etc.

The program teaches students the basics of successfully dealing with any challenges that may come up as well as how to predict important business trends. If you possess excellent people skills, have the ability to be in charge, and are a natural leader, this online degree completion program may be perfect for you. The average annual salary you can expect to make in this field is around $62,937.

Marketing: If you are a person who has goals of becoming a marketing director, marketing coordinator, marketing manager, marketing executive, and more, a degree in marketing may serve you well. The study of marketing is centered around creating relationships and making sure your customers are satisfied with your products or services. Marketing is also used to attract and bring more customers to your business, which is an important part of a company’s success.

You should study marketing if you desire to learn different tactics to lure customers in to increase sales. This degree may be fitting for you, if you possess excellent leadership skills, enjoy conducting research, are able to pay close attention to detail, and are interested in developing necessary strategies and techniques to improve an organization’s brand and sales. Yearly, you may make around $52,000 in this field.

Nursing: Online degrees in nursing are usually available to those that have already received their Registered Nurse (RN) license; this is because the study of nursing focuses on hands-on training. In addition, a nurse’s schedule is very long and busy, so an online program may be mandatory to be able to continue their education. You may be able to earn a career as a pediatric nurse, director of nursing, labor and delivery nurse, a charge nurse, and more, with this degree.

Professors of this degree program teach students additional skills and specializations to advance and succeed in the nursing field. This is an ideal online degree completion program for those that enjoy helping people, desire to provide care and safety to individuals, and are interested in performing direct medical care on patients. A nurse makes an average annual salary of around $63,566.

Psychology: Graduates of an undergraduate psychology program may go on to pursue careers as human resources managers, case managers, project managers, executive directors, operations managers, and more. If you decide to continue your education and complete a graduate degree program, you may become a clinical psychologist, genetics counselor, forensic psychologist, or marriage and family therapist.

The courses in this program are centered around how people think, people’s emotions and feelings, and their behaviors and reactions towards certain issues. A person that likes helping people, wants to understand them, and is interested in solving issues for people is most suitable for this online degree completion program. The typical salary you may earn in psychology is around $59,590 per year.


This list of programs may be able to guide you on your search for the perfect program. However, you may need to do further research on various colleges and universities to determine if they offer the specific program of your choice. This is vital because each program could be different for each school.

The best types of jobs to get with a bachelor’s degree depends on what major of study you have chosen. While deciding on a job, you should also make sure that it is a path you are interested in as well as matches your career goals. The following table provides popular job titles earned by graduates of a bachelor’s program along with the average salaries they may make.