Study Programme: American College Of Education

The last reason for choosing category 1 for the team is the Education Programme, which is divided into three big subcategories. The academic leadership, communication, and the delivery of the education Programme in each phase. Read about american college of education in our detailed article. Academic leadership is related to the main academic functions of service, which includes the administration as distinct from managerial aspects such as financial planning, marketing, and human resource management.

The effectiveness of educational programs

The Education Programme to be more effective, Academies have to employ a Head of Education. This person has a responsibility to report to the Academy Manager and the Education Programme leader. In category one, the Head of Education will be a qualified teacher academy with relevant experience (Premier League, 2011).

The communication between clubs and schools or parents of a young athlete is essential for their development. All elite players have their own stories to reach the top. For some players the road to be successful was easy, but for some other was difficult with many trials, setbacks, challenges, inspiration moments, and perspiration. It is also considered an american educational product. All stories are different, each of them has details but the common element, which is crucial and influential is the relationship between the player’s parents and coaches.

The communication between academies and players, their school, and the parents should be effective. Schools and parents should provide a formal report to the team concerning the educational progression of young players. In the first category, these reports should be frequent. Education Programme supports all players onto the next step of their career as well (Premier League, 2011).

Education Programme is different in each phase of the performance pathway. The education in the Foundation Phase, due to the high contact time, includes negotiation between teams and schools and parents to establish some training sessions during school hours. Concerning the Education in the Youth Development Phase, category one teams spend more hours in training via the Hybrid and full-Time models. There are three main options for finding an educational solution for the players. The first is to have a contract with a school, where players are based on their education. The second is that clubs can choose to extend their educational facilities at the training ground. The third is the club to create their schools. Regarding the education in the Professional Development Phase, the delivery of lessons will be online in player’s houses (Premier League, 2011).


Education Programme will be very beneficial for AFC Solent. Initially, our head of education is going to assist our players concerning academic issues. Also, the reports that the team will receive from schools and parents for each player education performance will help the club to encourage a student who finds difficulties in the school to be better, because apart from good athletes our priority is to be educated as well. The most important part of the education programme is the education services and options that offer, depending on the phase that each player is in.