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Mormonism is a young religion that began in the United States. This group started practicing their beliefs in a small cabin in New York in 1820 and later moved across the country to establish its home in Salt Lake City.

Mormonism is a young religion that began in the United States. This group started practicing their beliefs in a small cabin in New York in 1820 and later moved across the country to establish its home in Salt Lake City.

Early Days of the Church

Joseph Smith founded the religion when he was only 14 years old. He went to the woods to find some answers. During his prayer experience, he claims he saw Jesus Christ and God. They told him not to join any churches. 

A few years later, Smith saw another holy figure who told him where he could find some ancient records from God. He found them and translated them into what is now the Book of Mormon. 

Ten years after his first interaction with God, Smith published the Book. Shortly after the publication, Smith founded The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He became the president and its original prophet.

As the church grew, Smith started to move his faithful across the country. He took them from New York to Ohio, Illinois, and eventually Missouri. While in Nauvoo, Illinois, Smith exercised his political aspirations, serving as mayor, and running for president. A mob shot him and his brother when Smith was 39. 

Connection to Christianity

Members of the Mormon Church believe in Jesus Christ, so they consider themselves Christians. They believe that Jesus is God’s son and was born to a virgin. Mormons also believe that Jesus served as a minister and that the Old Testament prophesied his coming. 

Where Mormons and Christians differ is in their beliefs about God. In Christianity, God is the Trinity. But, in Mormonism, three bodies encompass the Trinity. 

Lifestyle Beliefs

Mormons have faith-based beliefs, and they also have lifestyle beliefs. They call the code of living the Word of Wisdom. According to this code, Mormons cannot overindulge themselves or do anything wasteful. They cannot drink anything addictive, as they believe that avoiding coffee, tea, alcohol, or drugs improves their spiritual well-being. 

The Word of Wisdom also advises the congregation to respect their bodies. Mormons do not get tattoos or piercings. However, women can pierce their ears. 

Mormons also have special clothing that they wear under their modern apparel. This two-piece garment, called a temple girdle, looks like modest underwear, but it shows that the wearer has a relationship with God. The wearer also promises to live by the beliefs established in the Book of Mormon and the Word of Wisdom. 

After-Death Beliefs

In Christianity, life after death is a major part of the religion. In Mormonism, the members believe in an after-death spirit world. Brigham Young, the Mormon president who led the church after Smith’s death, told his people that spirits remain on earth to be resurrected. He also told his people that all spirits were adults, even if they died as children. 

Young also told his people that Mormons with righteous spirits moved on to experience paradise. Those who did not know about Jesus were in a spiritual prison, where they had to accept the church’s beliefs or spend the afterlife in hell. 


Because Brigham Young practiced polygamy, the Mormon church is associated with the practice. Some smaller Mormon sects continue to practice polygamy, but most Mormons have one spouse. 

For Mormons, marriage is eternal. While they don’t like divorce, they realize it does happen. So, a high-ranking church official must unseal a marriage for a divorce to be finalized. 

Secrets of Mormonism

The only people allowed in Mormon temples are Mormons. The faithful cannot talk about the rituals of the church, and the public cannot enter. Unlike Evangelical Christians, Mormons do not actively recruit new members, which makes many think the religion is secretive. 

Important Days

Mormons have several celebratory days. Like Christians, they celebrate Easter and Christmas. They also celebrate Pioneer Day on July 24. This day commemorates the Mormons’ arrival in Salt Lake Valley in 1847.

Sunday is the holy day in Mormonism, and Mormons spend about three hours in chapel. They listen to speakers and readings, sing hymns, pray, and take communion. Later, they attend group meetings. When Mormons return home, they engage in charitable acts and visit friends or family. 

However, Mormons say that they value privacy. They aren’t keeping secrets. Instead, they are protecting the sacred nature of their faith. 


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